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2002 vs 2014

Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off — The Cauldron — Medium 




this was a joy and a pleasure to read

"You slopebrowed weaseldicks with zero reading comprehension and even less critical thinking skills who think an article claiming “Gamers are dead” is something bad? Fuck me sideways with a sandblaster." 

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Chris Kluwe, you are the best.


so i’ve found that Legally Blonde/LotR crossovers are literally the best things

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A mural was painted over Monday afternoon after Trenton police expressed concern that the painting, depicting Michael Brown, a Ferguson, Mo., teen who was fatally shot by police in August, sent the wrong message about community and police relations.

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the “wrong message”? and yet the number of black bodies murdered by the police are piling up.







imagine stabbing someone with this knife.

it would instantly cauterize the would, so the person wouldn’t bleed, so it’s not very useful.

if you want information it is

and above, in order, we see a gryffindor, a ravenclaw, and a slytherin

why would you stab a PERSON when you can have TOAST?

there’s the hufflepuff

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Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)

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FINALLY MANAGED TO GET PICTURES but hey guys I have a kind of sudden and strange but very desperate request!

This here is Gypsy, my neighbor’s cat. She’s an absolute sweetheart—I can’t even put into words how sweet and caring and absolutely loving and patient she is. My neighbor has two young boys and the older one does…NOT in any way, shape, or form know how to treat pets, unfortunately. From yanking tails to bodily sitting on her with all his weight (he’s five) to pull her fur and hit her, I’m surprised this angel is still alive to be honest.

And yet despite this, she has only scratched him a mere handful of times; only when she really does think her life is in danger. She has the patience and forgiveness of a saint (though sometimes I wish she had a bit more sense of self preservation). And she doesn’t hold any grudges towards people either—I got these pictures from just simply calling her name and she came running and rubbing against me demanding pets. Just show her a bit of love and affection and she’ll love and trust you for life.

She’s free to a good home and my neighbors want so very much for her to find a home that’s less abusive. They’re also willing to pay for any necessary veterinary appointments and vaccine updates beforehand as well! My sister and I would take her in a heartbeat but unfortunately my sister is deathly allergic to cats and coupled with asthma is a big no-no. I would take her myself but I still live at home. Please, I just really want to make sure she lives the rest of her life happy and safe with another family that loves her.


Aang & Korra: Facing The Avatar State



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They [men] can stop rape by not raping, and bring the sex industry to its knees by not paying for sex. Oppression doesn’t just happen to women like bad weather. Men as a group systematically oppress and exploit women, and feminism is the political movement to challenge and change that.

Finn Mackay, on male involvement in feminism (via internetexplorers)







“Killed 99 bears”

a fact that if actually accomplished, should be put on a tombstone.

My favorite part is “We hope he has gone to rest.” What, like… they weren’t sure? Maybe, if ever the bear uprising should start again, he would rise from the ground to finish what he started and slay that 100th bear?

Was this man so powerful they are concerned he might not have decided to rest at all and is simply biding his time?

The bears made that tombstone.

A warning, and a prayer.

That he really, truely stays down.

This is too badass not to reblog.

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